Britney Spears Pulls 'Arrow' Star Colton Haynes Onstage and Marvels at 'His A**'

Even Britney Spears isn't immune to Colton Haynes' good looks.
The 28-year-old Arrow actor was pulled up onstage during Spears' Wednesday night performance in Las Vegas, and took to Instagram to share a video of the unforgettable moment.
"You're an amazing dancer, oh my goodness," Spears gushed at the end of her "Freakshow" performance, calling Haynes "so beautiful" and joking that he could call her "anytime." Haynes, meanwhile, was still strapped helplessly in a harness.
Later, as Haynes exited the stage, Spears couldn't help but let out an emphatic, "Everyone's so beautiful -- and his a**!"
"I don't even know what just happened," Haynes wrote on Twitter after the show. "I got brought up on stage to perform with @britneyspears & I hope I get a residency now!!! Lol."
On Instagram, Haynes admitted that he was "still in shock."
"What the hell just happened!!!??? So cool!!!" he captioned the video.

Later this month, Spears will return to the MTV Video Music Awards stage for the first time in nine years to perform her new single, "Make Me...", with G-Eazy. The VMAs will air live on Aug. 28, but until then, take a walk with us down memory lane as we rank her most iconic performances.