Candace Cameron Bure and Daughter Natasha Adorably Bicker Over a Bralette on Instagram

by Antoinette Bueno 12:20 PM PDT, August 22, 2016
Playing Candace Cameron Bure and Daughter Natasha Adorably Bicker Over a Bralette on Instagram

This is what happens when mothers and daughters share clothes.

Fuller House star Candace Cameron Bure and her 18-year-old daughter, Natasha, hashed out a hilarious beef on Instagram on Sunday, when Natasha was caught wearing a striped bralette that actually belonged to her 40-year-old mother.

Natasha's bralette was barely visible in her snap, although Candace was quick to publicly call her out.

Lol @ the comment section

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"Why are you wearing my bralette?!!!! Every time I leave town -- you take my stuff!!!!" Candace commented.

"Chilllllllll I was foldin it for you @candacecbure," Natasha replied. "Doing you a favor really."

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The ribbing got a little more heated after Candace insisted her daughter buy her a new bralette.

"Uh huh. Sure. You're buying me a new one and no you can't keep the old one," the actress wrote.

.... And that's when Natasha decided to let the shade fly.

"@Candacecbure bruhhhh it's not even like [you] have the capability of stretching anything 'bra' related out.... it's still intact mother... drama drama drama," she shot back.

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"That I know, baby. It's not about stretching, it's about asking first, darling," Candace replied.

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Obviously, the mother-daughter duo isn't afraid to get playful with one another. Natasha actually turned 18 last Tuesday, and her famous mama celebrated by posting a gorgeous modeling shot of her eldest child.

"It's hard to believe this one is mine," Candace sweetly wrote. "Happy 18th birthday @natashabure!! Mama loves you."

It's hard to believe this one is mine. Happy 18th birthday @natashabure !! Mama loves you. 🎂🎉❌⭕️🎈

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