Carrie Underwood Hilariously Shames Her Dog for Stealing Son Isaiah's French Toast

Carrie Underwood's got a French toast thief on the loose!
The 33-year-old country star took to Instagram on Friday to share an adorable video of herself shaming her dog, Penny, for eating her son, Isaiah’s, French toast.
"Penny Jean, you took French toast off the table," Underwood begins her scolding. "That was your little brother's French toast. You're not even sorry!"
"Quit licking your lips!" she demands, trying to hold back her laughter. "That was a giant piece of French toast. You didn't even share with Ace!"
"Hey, I'm talking to you! That’s naughty. I need you to feel bad about this," Underwood says, before letting out a few giggles.

"Got up from the breakfast table to change a diaper and this is what happens! Naughty Penny!" the singer captioned the silly video.
If Underwood's Instagram is any indication, Penny's not the only sassy pup in the house.
"Penny Jean says, 'Happy #nationaldogday !!! I'm cute! Adopt a doggie like me!' Ace says, 'Unless you have food, you serve me no purpose.' 2 dogs… 2 views on life," she captioned the sweet snap.
"Don't let this face fool you…she is bad to the bone! #rescuedog #naughtydog," she wrote alongside another pic.

With her two pups and 1-year-old son Isaiah, Underwood’s clearly got a full house, which she doesn’t take for granted.
Just last month, the GRAMMY winner shared a sweet video of play time in the pool with her son.
Check it out in the video below.