Kris Jenner Gave Daughter Kylie a Framed Image of Her DNA: 'This Is What You're Made Of'

Photo: Getty Images
Kris Jenner got one of the most personalized gifts imaginable for her daughter Kylie -- a framed image of her DNA.
Kris presented Kylie with gift on Tuesday in an exchange that Kylie captured on Snapchat.
"What did you get me?" Kylie asks in the video.

"I got you your DNA," Kris answers. "This is your DNA framed … No one has this. This is who Kylie Jenner is. This is what you're made of."

The gift could possibly be a housewarming present for the 19-year-old reality star's newly purchased $4.5 million Hidden Hills home. In addition to the DNA, Kris also gave Kylie toy spiders and an earring, which might have come from the family's storage unit.
The youngest of Kris' six kids celebrated her 19th birthday last month during a vacation to Turks and Caicos.
Watch the video below for more on how Kylie celebrated turning 19.