Gwyneth Paltrow Shares Stunning Makeup-Free Selfie on 44th Birthday

Gwyneth Paltrow turned 44 on Tuesday, and was excited to celebrate.
The mother of two posted a makeup-free selfie to Instagram with an inspiring message on her birthday. "#nomakeup for my 44th birthday, embracing my past and future," she wrote. "Thank you for the instalove #goopgoesmakeupfree @goop."

A few months prior to her special day, Paltrow told ET that she doesn't "feel pressure to look young."
"I feel like I've earned my wrinkles, and I'm very proud of everything that I've gone through in life -- both good and bad," she shared. "I don't want to be 26, I would never want to go back there, ever. I think what we want to do is look our best as we age gracefully."
Paltrow also shared her secret to looking so good in a makeup-free selfie. "My skincare routine has been my complete Goop skincare regimen along with exercise," she explained. "I try to have good nutrition -- I also believe in vodka and red wine and cheese and stuff -- it's all about the balance."

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