Kylie Jenner Cooks a Feast for Tyga, Documents Meal on Snapchat

Photo: Getty Images
Kylie Jenner has some serious skills in the kitchen!
The 19-year-old reality star cooked her man, Tyga, a full-on feast on Thursday, documenting the entire thing on Snapchat.
It must have been a special occasion, because Jenner went all out, making chicken wings, macaroni and cheese, potato chips, ribs and candied yams.

Jenner, clearly proud of her work, couldn't wait to present Tyga with the feast. "OK, it's a lot of food," she said as she laid down his plate.
"Yeah, that's right," Jenner said in another snap, which she captioned, "to the bone."

The couple is clearly enjoying being at home after a busy week in New York for Fashion Week.
Check out some of their Big Apple escapades in the video below.