Jessica Biel Eats in the Shower and Dares Fans to Try It

Photo: Getty Images
Where do you prefer to eat breakfast?
Jessica Biel shared another photo to Instagram on Friday of a peculiar habit she has -- eating in the shower. Not only that, but she seems to want to make it a thing!
"Yes. I eat in the shower. I admit it," The Illusionist star shared. "Chicken apple sausage and espresso. Try it. I dare you. #ShowerEats."

While the 34-year-old actresses fans appreciated her little life-hack, most ultimately didn't seem interested in taking up Biel's challenge.
"Wouldn't your food get wet and soggy?" one commenter asked. Another wrote, "Sorry nooo! Still love you Jessica."
Even so, some got where Biel was coming from!
"Is it a parent thing?" one commenter asked, while some others suggested substituting the coffee for a cold beer.
This certainly doesn’t seem to be a new thing for Biel! Just last week, the actress and mother shared a similar photo of her shower, writing, “Eating in the shower…we all do that…right?”

Well, to each their own!