Justin Bieber Wears the Most Ridiculous Disguise in Amsterdam -- See the Pics!

Photo: Getty Images
Justin Bieber may be a GRAMMY-winning artist, but he can't put together a disguise to save his life.
The 22-year-old singer was spotted around Amsterdam on Friday trying to go incognito with a brown wig and fake goatee -- but only seemed to draw more attention to himself.

It seemed all the Biebs wanted was to get a little coffee in peace.
The "Sorry" singer must've had a reality check soon after grabbing his cup of joe, as he tried out his disguise on some local girls.
"Hey, does this look real?" he asked, as his bodyguard followed closely behind.

Bieber was much more successful at flying under the radar in July, as he pursued Pokémon around New York City with a large crowd of other Pokémon Trainers.
See the pop star sprint through traffic to catch a Gyarados in the video below.