'The Price Is Right' Celebrates Historic Three-Way $1 Tie: Watch the Epic Moment!

Three Price Is Rightcontestants made history on Monday when they all scored the coveted $1 amount while spinning the show’s giant wheel.
The three contestants – Cathryn, Jessica, and Manfred – couldn’t get over the shock of their identical original spins, jumping up and down and hugging one another.
Host Drew Carey was equally surprised, shouting, “Three-way dollar tie. How ‘bout that!”
The spin earned the trio an extra $1,000 each, but since rules stipulate that only one person can go on to the Showcase Showdown, they had to spin a second time.
Manfred came out victorious this time, but the historic moment was not lost on viewers. The Price Is Right is currently in the midst of its 45th year on the air.
For more from this season of The Price Is Right, watch the video below!