Weird Al Spoofs Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's Final Debate -- Watch 'Bad Hombres, Nasty Woman'

Photo: Getty Images
Given how contentious this year's presidential debates were, it's possible you'd rather not get them stuck in your head.
If that's the case, definitely don't watch "Bad Hombres, Nasty Woman," a new parody from the people who do Songify the News, because with the help of Weird Al Yancovic, the music video turns Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's final debate into an upsettingly catchy song.
Weird Al serves as the melodic moderator, while the candidates answers are given the autotune treatment for what ends up being a surprisingly good summary of what took place on Wednesday night.
Check it out below.
The title of the track is a nod to moments in the debate where Trump referred to some illegal immigrants as "bad hombres," and interjected at one point to call Clinton "such a nasty woman."
Trump's terminology made the rounds on social media, and dominated much of the discussion online after what was otherwise largely seen as a much tamer night than the previous town hall debate.
Meanwhile, we probably have a sense of where Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon are going for their Saturday Night Live send up of the final debate, after the comedy variety show dubbed the prior one "the worst ever presidential debate."
Watch the video below.