Kanye West Shares Incredibly Moving Throwback Birthday Video for Kim Kardashian Featuring Her Late Father

Kanye West might have just given the sweetest birthday gift of all time.
Kim Kardashian West's birthday has been uncharacteristically quiet this year, as the reality star has stepped back from public life after being robbed at gunpoint in Paris earlier this month.
But on Friday, Kanye wished his wife a happy 36th by sharing a video tribute to her on Twitter in his first social media post in over a month, writing, "Happy Birthday babe."
The nearly five-and-a-half minute video features footage of Kim as a child and growing up with her family, including her late father Robert Kardashian. Kanye is not in the video, but the whole thing is set to his song, "Only One," which Kim has in the past called her favorite song of Kanye's.
At the end of the footage, Kim can be heard filming her dad in April 1992, as he shows his daughter how to use a video camera, before saying, "I love you," as the same words appear on the screen. Basically, if you can make it through the whole thing without ever tearing up, you may be medically unable to cry.
We were sobbing.
Meanwhile, a source close to Kim told ET that the reality star is taking time off after her scary robbery incident.
"She needs a break from everything," the source said. "She still gets emotional thinking about the incident."
Watch the video below for more.