‘Broad City’ Star Abbi Jacobson Imagines What’s Inside Hillary Clinton’s Bag

by Stacy Lambe 7:25 AM PDT, October 25, 2016

What’s in a bag can say a lot about a person. Or in Hillary Clinton’s case, what’s not in there is just as notable. And according to Abbi Jacobson, star and co-creator of Comedy Central’s hit series, Broad City, the presidential nominee keeps things light -- just a Metro Card, a BlackBerry, a history book, a Lady Gaga fan club card, and a bottle of Tabasco.

Yes, Clinton has hot sauce in her bag

Photo: Random House

“Apparently, she really does carry hot sauce,” Jacobson told The New York Times when asked about illustrating items in the presidential nominee’s bag for her new book, Carry This Book (Viking, available Oct. 25), adding:  “And then there’s her BlackBerry, from that famous photo -- I got to make a joke that she’s staring at Candy Crush, not having to comment on the email thing. I’m not a political comic.”

Of course, Clinton recently appeared on Broad City, alongside Jacobson and co-star Ilana Glazer. But the actress revealed that she never expected for it to happen. “We wrote it not thinking we would ever actually get her on,” Jacobson told the paper.

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"We're so lucky that people want to come on and do [the show] and are so game for whatever," she told ET about Broad City’s amazing cameos, which have included unexpected turns from Kelly Ripa, Patricia Clarkson, Seth Rogen and NBA player Blake Griffin.

Clinton is just one of the many powerful women’s bags -- ahem, Beyonce -- that Jacobson illustrates in this colorful and oftentimes hilarious look at the imagined world of some of our favorite personalities. In addition to the presidential nominee, ET has a peek at what’s in the bags of Oprah Winfrey and Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. An iPod Shuffle full of Jock Jams? That’s all RBG. A gratitude journal and a copy of O: The Oprah Magazine? Well, that’s queen of daytime. 

Photo: Random House
Photo: ET