Katy Perry Urges Fans to Vote for Hillary Clinton With Cutest Puppy Ever

Photo: Instagram
Leave it to Katy Perry to make a brilliant political move just hours ahead of the election!
Between frequent social media posts, concerts, and hitting the campaign trail, the "Roar" singer has not been shy about showing her support for Hillary Clinton, but her latest move was her cutest yet.
Perry shared a video on Monday, urging fans to vote for Clinton. For the PSA, she rocked a "Nasty Woman" T-shirt, "I'm With Her" button, red choker and matching bold lip. But most importantly, she was holding an adorable fluffball of a dog named Nugget.
"Let's vote for Hillary Clinton!" the 32-year-old pop star started off as her words scrolled by on the screen. "I hope you're making a plan to vote on Nov. 8, or you're going to go vote early and just get it out of the way, you know? Something you're going to do, right? We're going to vote."
She then turned towards the precious pup to help state her case, requesting, "Don't fall asleep on me, we need you!"
Perry finished her plea by staring straight into the camera and announcing, "We're with her." The caption for the vid, shared on both Instagram and Twitter, stated that both she and Nugget "approve this message," and shared a link so fans could find out where to vote.

Convincing and heartwarming! Well played, Perry. Well played.
The California native was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, over the weekend, where she hosted a Get Out the Vote concert in support of the Democratic presidential nominee. For the performance, Perry rocked an amazing royal blue cape with "I'm With Madame President" emblazoned across the back and a custom Prabal Gurung creation influenced by the former first lady's preference for pantsuits. She then swapped into an all-red ensemble for dinner out with her beau, Orlando Bloom.
Photo: Getty Images
Perry is such a big Clinton supporter that she even dressed up like her for Halloween -- prosthetics and all! Check out the impressive costume in the video below.