Kelly Ripa Says 'Bad Botox' Experience Left Her Unable to Smile for 6 Months

Kelly Ripa won't be trying Botox again anytime soon.
The 46-year-ol talk show host detailed her bad experience with the injection during Wednesday's Live With Kelly, revealing that she couldn’t smile for six months as a result of the procedure.
"I'm going to tell you a story I've never told anyone," Ripa shared with the audience. "I got bad Botox about … what was it, a year ago? And it was bad. It did something to my good side, so then I had two bad sides. I'm not kidding!"
Ripa, clearly still unsatisfied with the results, said she wouldn't "talk about it beyond that," but did admit the situation has improved.
"I'm starting to look myself again, but there was about a six-month period where people were like, 'What's wrong with Kelly? She doesn't smile anymore,'" she recalled. "And I was like, 'I am smiling!'"
Ripa wasn't the only one making beauty confessions on Wednesday. Her guest co-host, Megyn Kelly, also opened up about her own beauty tricks.
"It starts with a beautiful product called Spanx, you're well aware. If you can put on a little self-tanner, it takes off 10 pounds instantly," Kelly revealed, before adding that a face full of makeup is also a big necessity.
"I'm like, 'Well, foundation and eyeliner and concealer and bronzer' -- I can't limit it to one, which must mean something bad about me," she said.
During her appearance on Wednesday's show, Kelly also dished on Tuesday night's shocking election, and urged Americans to "keep an open mind" about president-elect Donald Trump, despite the cruel comments he said about her last year.
"Love him or hate him, he's the next president of our country," she noted. "It all winds up being OK…For the people who are feeling upset today, this is the United States of America and it's the most glorious place to live in the world."
See more in the video below.