Ryan Reynolds Interviews Himself as His 'Twin Brother' Gordon and It's Devastatingly Funny -- Watch!

Photo: GQ
We would hate if our brother was this mean to us!
Ryan Reynolds is one of GQ magazine's Men of the Year, and to celebrate the honor, the Deadpool star was interviewed by his "twin brother" Gordon... who is really just Reynolds being really mean to himself while wearing different clothes.

What resulted was something far more deprecating than we could imagine any actual interviewer would ever be.
"Do you consider Deadpool the Green Lantern of good movies?" asked "Gordon," referencing Reynolds’ two passes at a superhero franchise that had very different critical results. Reynolds starred in 2011’s Green Lantern, which suffered from poor reviews and underwhelming performance at the box office, while Deadpool was critically praised and fared better in theaters.
In another moment, "Gordon" asks, "So... GQ Man of the Year, that's a big honor. I can't think of anyone more worthy," as the camera pans to Reynold's friend Jake Gyllenhaal.
The whole thing is very funny... if a little bit painful to watch. Check it out below.
We know "Gordon" isn't real, but is it wrong that we still feel a little bad for the 40-year-old actor?
Still, Reynolds has a lot going for him, with or without the mean fake brother.
Besides being named Man of the Year, the actor and wife Blake Lively are pretty much all of our relationship goals always.
Watch the video below for some of their best moments as a couple.