Simone Biles Recalls Painful Moment Being Called 'Fat' by a Former Coach: 'I Was Crying'

Simone Biles is no stranger to adversity.
The Olympic gold medalist appeared on Wednesday's Today show and explained a painful moment from her new book, Courage to Soar, where a coach called her "too fat" after she messed up a routine.
"You overheard this, 'You know why she crashed? Because she's too fat. That's why,'" host Hoda Kotb read from the gymnast's memoir.
"I walked to the back behind the curtains," the 19-year-old athlete recalled, "and I was crying."
Biles credits another one of her coaches, Martha Karolyi, for encouraging her to succeed in a more positive way.
"Martha pulled me back out on the floor. And she gave me a little bit of a pep talk," she shared. "Her pep talk gave me a little bit of an up, rather than a down."
Clearly, the positive reinforcement worked, as Biles would go on to lead Team USA to Olympic glory at the Rio 2016 games!
Keep climbing, Simone!
Watch the video below to see the gymnastics fan fulfill another dream -- visiting the set of Pretty Little Liars!