Nick Viall’s 'Bachelor' Contestants By the Numbers: The Weirdest Jobs, Youngest Ages and More!

by Lauren Zima 9:05 AM PST, December 07, 2016
Playing Nick Viall’s 'Bachelor' Contestants By the Numbers: The Weirdest Jobs, Youngest Ages and More!

Nick Viall looked for love, and now we know who he was looking at! The Bachelor’s new season premieres Jan. 2, and on Wednesday ABC revealed the contestants who vied for Viall’s thrice-shattered heart.

Overall, we’re noticing two positive trends among this season’s cast. First, most of these women seem legitimately employed (let’s recall that ‘Free Spirit’ and ‘Dog Lover’ have been job titles in the past). Second, the group appears somewhat diverse. Diversity has been a major issue for the Bachelor franchises in the past. In August, ABC Entertainment President Channing Dungey said she’d like to see changes, and that there was a “need to increase the pool of diverse candidates in the beginning.”

Rachel is a 31-year-old attorney from Dallas.  Photo: ABC

We’re breaking down the roster by the numbers!

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Number of women in the medical field: 7

From an "unemployed nurse" to a "travel nurse" to a "doula," there are plenty of women to step up and help when there’s that inevitable mental breakdown at some point during the season.

Josephine is a 24-year-old "unemployed nurse" from Santa Cruz, CA. She used to do musical theater in high school and misses it "sometimes." Photo: ABC

Number of brunettes: 21

The cast of 30 women is overwhelmingly dark-haired, which seems to be Viall’s physical type. Remember, he’s fallen for the chestnut locks of Andi Dorfman, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jennifer Saviano on his other Bachelor Nation series.

Elizabeth goes by "Liz." She is a 29-year-old doula from Las Vegas, and openly admits to picking her nose while driving.  Photo: ABC

Number of aspiring dolphin trainers: 1

We can’t help but wonder why 23-year-old Alexis is only "aspiring," and has not yet achieved her dream. Perhaps because we’re living in a post-Blackfish society? Have the dolphin jobs dried up? Godspeed, Alexis.

Perhaps not shockingly, if Alexis could be one animal, she'd be a dolphin. Her favorite movies include the unforgettable hit Tristan and Isolde, and she is most afraid, specifically, of the alien E.T.  Photo: ABC

Number of women in their 20s: 27

Even though Viall is 36 years old, only three women are 30 or above. The oldest woman in the cast is 31, and the youngest age is 23 – there are four 23-year-olds to be exact.

Hailey, 23, has a phobia of butterflies and wants to have two kids because "only children are strange."  Photo: ABC

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Other notable statistics: there are 14 women with tattoos, four who would be Ariel from The Little Mermaid if they could become a fictional character (in second: three want to be Olivia Pope), five women who would transform into dolphins if they could be any animal (you're not alone, Alexis), four who list The Notebook as their favorite movie and four who named Titanic. Bring on the romance!

Also among the ladies: a model, a wedding videographer, a business owner (and a small business owner), a restaurant server (waitress?!), marketing manager, photographer, chef, flight attendant (same job as last season’s winner, Lauren Bushnell), pro basketball dancer, attorney, food truck owner, Pilates instructor, two teachers and moreThe Bachelor premieres Jan. 2 on ABC.