Justin Timberlake Pokes Fun at 'Can't Stop The Feeling' During Critics' Choice Awards

It seems like even Justin Timberlake is sick of hearing “Can’t Stop the Feeling.”
The singer poked fun at his super popular hit summer song while he was presenting the Best Acting Ensemble award at the Critics' Choice Awards on Sunday.
"Turn that song off!" he joked as the catchy Trolls soundtrack tune accompanied his entrance on stage. "Is that allowed? To hear that song… again!"
Aww, J.T., don't be too hard! We hear your son, 1-year-old Silas, is a still a big fan of dad's work!
Timberlake went on to poke more fun at himself in his speech, and also recently arrested Critics' Choice host T.J. Miller, whose somewhat confusing opening number involved a lot of bare belly flesh.
"How about T.J.'s opening? Made so much sense!" he joked again. "Little known fact: I was the one who first taught T.J. to belly whistle. So for any child or anyone watching right now -- the cast of Stranger Things -- on behalf of myself and A&E, we're sorry."