Bella Hadid Says She Eats Grilled Cheese and Fries 'Everyday'

Photo: Instagram
Bella Hadid has revealed the secret to her bangin' bod: grilled cheese and French fries!
The 20-year-old model took to Snapchat on Monday to show fans her midday meal, which she said she eats "everyday."
"My meal everyday," she captioned the snap of her half-eaten sandwich and a few fries.
Photo: Snapchat
While such a simple diet may be worrisome, grilled cheese and French fries aren't the only things Hadid eats. The model balances out her meals with an assortment of other foods.
She also eats popcorn:


Tea sammies:

Ring Pops:

Ice cream:


And her own fingers:

And that's exactly how Hadid gets a body like the one she showed off on the Victoria's Secret runway.
See the VS newbie strut her stuff in sexy lingerie -- in front of ex-boyfriend The Weeknd -- in the video below.