Neil Patrick Harris Dishes on His Twins' Epically Huge Christmas Lists

Photo: Getty Images
Santa’s going to have a tough time this year at Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka’s house! Harris visited The Late Show on Wednesday night where he talked with host, Stephen Colbert, about his twins over-the-top Christmas wish lists.
Colbert shared the Instagram pic NPH had added in which his son Gideon had asked for a bounce house and a “life sized rocket ship.”

"That's what he's after. We live in the city, that's what I said to him. Where are we supposed to put a life-sized rocket?" Harris said, adding that while Gideon might get a rocket, “It might not be life-sized."
And it turns out that his daughter, Harper, has an equally extravagant request. In addition to asking for a pink karaoke machine, she also wants a “life-sized” dollhouse.
“I said, 'Harper, a life-sized dollhouse for you is just a house. You want me to get a house for you?' And she said, 'Yeah,'" Harris recalled, laughing. "What is it with these giant gifts? Where do we put a life-sized dollhouse that's large enough for you as a person? And she said, 'On the roof.'"
Harris added that, “It’s gonna be a late night on the 24th.”
For more from the adorable family, watch the clip below!