Caroline Kennedy Shares Two Holiday Videos That Are Delightfully Bizarre -- Watch!

Photo: Getty Images
Caroline Kennedy is apparently super into the holiday spirit!
The daughter of Jackie and President John F. Kennedy, and U.S. Ambassador to Japan, shared two delightfully weird holiday videos this week that show her and her staff donning Santa hats and being silly.
In the first, posted on Monday, the 59-year-old diplomat is dressed in full St. Nick garb while proclaiming, "Santa's in the house!" before taking an awkward tumble down the chimney.
This is so bizarre and incredible.
On Tuesday, the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo posted a video of Kennedy and her crew doing a Santa-fied version of the popular cultural "Koi (Love) Dance."
Apparently, if you wanna go all out for Christmas, then the U.S. Mission in Japan is the place to be!
Meanwhile, Kennedy's 28-year-old daughter, Rose, is the spitting image of Jackie O.!
Watch the video below to see.