Vin Diesel Won't Stop Hitting on Brazilian YouTuber -- Watch the Interview

Vin Diesel was doing an interview with Brazillian Youtuber Carol Moreira, when the xXx: Return of Xander Cage star appeared more than a little taken by her.
Watch for yourself below. At about 4:51 into the video is where things start to go off the rails.
During the discussion, the 49-year-old actor is answering a question when he pauses mid-sentence, and says, "God, you're so beautiful."
"Am I right or wrong? Look at her!" Diesel continues as Moreira starts to appear uncomfortable. "How am I supposed to continue this interview?"
Moreira attempts to get back to the questions, but Diesel interrupts, saying to the crew, "Look at this woman. She's so beautiful."
"Tell me your story," Diesel says to Moreira. "Let's get out of here. Let's go have lunch."
After that, the interviewer gets a handle on things for another couple of minutes, until beginning a question, "I found out that you're a nerd like me, you love Dungeons & Dragons..."
"I'm anything like you, 'cause I love you," the actor interjects. "Guys, really, look how beautiful she is. You think this is a joke."
"How am I supposed to sit up here when I'm looking at such beauty?" he adds, before singing, "I'm in love with an interviewer" in the style of T-Pain's "I'm in Love With a Stripper."
At the end of the roughly 10-minute long interview, Diesel points at Moreira, saying, "I love you. I love her. Man, she's so f**king sexy. I can't do this interview."
"Look at her," he adds, "She's so f**king beautiful, it's like you can't even do an interview with her," before walking over very close to her.
"When did this turn into beautiful world?" he asks. "When did this turn into the most beautiful girl in Brazil?"