What Microblading Is and How It's Helped Celebrities Like Bella Thorne Get Perfect Brows

ET has everything you need to know about Hollywood's latest beauty obsession -- eyebrow microblading.
This new trend for achieving the perfect eyebrows has been adopted by some of Hollywood's most elite stars, from Bella Thorne to Oprah Winfrey, and beauty entrepreneur Anastasia Soare let ET in on the process.
"It's almost like a light tattoo on the surface that creates strokes of hair," Soare explained to ET's Carly Steel at her Beverly Hills salon last week.
The $2,000 technique is done with a hand-held tool containing tiny needles that put semi-permanent pigment into the skin without going as deep as a normal tattoo. Customers can typically expect their microbladed brows to last for a year.
While there are a number of businesses offering microblading, Soare noted that not every salon will give you red-carpet worthy brows.
"Everybody can do strokes, but you need to understand what is the best shape for your face according to your bone structure," she said.
Jasmine Kim has been working with Soare for 16 years and she demonstrated the technique on Steel.
"Once the skin has opened up in the areas that I want, I'm rubbing the ink on it and let it sit, so that way the ink kind of goes right into the isolated areas that I just scraped," Kim said as she worked her magic with Steel's brows.
"They literally look like hairs!" Steel said when she saw the finished product. "I cannot believe this is me with no makeup on. This is insane."