The Obamas Are the Most Adorable as They Officially Exit the White House -- See the Pics

Eight years went by so fast.
As President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama made their final departure from the White House on Friday, many couldn't help but notice their small, loving gestures toward each other that have become characteristic of the first couple during their time in D.C.
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While awaiting Donald and Melania Trump prior to the inauguration, for instance, Michelle brushed off Barack's shoulder.
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And he returned with a kiss on the cheek.
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The moment was even sweeter as captured on video.
Later, while standing on the Capitol steps, the outgoing commander in chief showed a similar public display of affection to his wife.
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As they have been for much of their time in office, the Obamas couldn't help but be completely adorable before leaving the White House for the last time.
Meanwhile, the peaceful transfer of power did hit at least one awkward moment, when Melania kindly gave Michelle a gift from Tiffany's that... no one seemed to know what to do with.
Some on Twitter even called out a face Michelle seemed to make as highlighting the mood of the moment.
Nonetheless, the rest of the meeting went cordially, before the Obamas bid farewell to their staff, and boarded a plane to Palm Springs, California, where they will enjoy a post-presidency vacation.
Farewell, Barack and Michelle.