Chrissy Teigen Cancels Plans to Support John Legend at Sundance to Attend Women's March on Washington

Chrissy Teigen is canceling on her husband, but not without cause.
The supermodel was to attend the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, this weekend -- in support of John Legend, who is a panelist for the show he executive produces, WGN America’s Underground -- but decided on Friday, the day of Donald Trump's inauguration as president, to head to Washington, D.C., and participate in Saturday's Women's March on Washington protest instead.
"I was going to go to Sundance to support john tomorrow but feeling compelled to support my fellow women," Teigen tweeted. "See you at the women's march, DC."
"Prepping for tomorrow," Teigen later wrote while tweeting out a picture of a screengrab of the Google search: "can you get tear gassed if you're already crying."
The tweet likely refers to the demonstrations in Washington on Friday, some turning violent, that have reportedly been deterred by the police with tear gas.
We can only imagine that Legend, who himself has been a vocal critic of Trump, is supportive of his wife's decision.
The "All of Me" singer also tweeted on Friday, commenting on the size of the crowd at Trump's inauguration, and thanking the Obama family, writing, "#ThankYouObamas. I'm proud to know you. Proud to have supported you. Thank you for your wisdom, grace and service to your country.."
Being compelled to action only accounted for a couple of Teigen's Inauguration Day live-tweets, which included, among other things, a comparison between President Barack Obama's 2009 crowd, and the noticeably sparser one that showed up for Trump.
Meanwhile, as Teigen gears up for her trip to our nation's capital, Barack and Michelle just officially left after eight years.
Watch the video below for that moment.