Kit Harington Says He Lost His Virginity When He 'Was Probably Too Young'

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Though as a Commander of the Night’s Watch Jon Snow took an oath of celibacy, actor Kit Harington didn’t have the same experience growing up. The 30-year-old Game of Thrones star opened up to Elle magazine about losing his virginity at an early age.

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On Thrones, Harington’s Snow lost his virginity to his real-life girlfriend Rose Leslie’s Ygritte later in life, but his own adolescence was vastly different.

“Mine was a little less left-field than in a cave. It was a typical sort of teenage thing, at a party. I was probably too young,” he admitted.

When asked if that meant age 13, he replied, “No, but you’re not far off. I think the girl and I just kind of wanted to. You either hold on and do it right, or you're young and decide to get the monkey off your back.”
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Harington went on to add that attention from the ladies was “part of” the reason he got into acting in the first place.

“There's something about being a show-off, and that gets you attention. And attention gets you the opposite sex sometimes,” he admitted. “But by the time I got to drama school, I was a bit more serious about actually wanting to be an actor than I was about chasing skirt.”

Harington also admitted that he’s very in tune with his emotions, noting he’s not afraid to shed a tear or two.

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“I always cry on a plane,” he said. “There's something romantic about being on a plane going somewhere, being at that altitude.… I like a good cry every now and then. It releases something. There are times in my life when I'm meant to cry, but I don't actually cry. But then I can be walking down the street and it's been a few months, and things get on top of me—that's when I find myself crying.”

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