Blue Ivy Poses With Pregnant Beyonce, Kisses Her Belly in Sweet Mother-Daughter Photos

by Jackie Willis 7:32 AM PST, February 02, 2017
Playing Blue Ivy Poses With Pregnant Beyonce, Kisses Her Belly in Sweet Mother-Daughter Photos

From the looks of these photos, Blue Ivy is already excited about being a big sister!

After announcing on Wednesday that she's pregnant with twins, Beyonce shared a slew of photos on her website from the photo shoot that accompanied the baby news. In several of the images, Blue poses alongside her mother and fans won't believe how much she's grown.

Photo: Beyonce
Photo: Beyonce

Sporting braids and beads in her hair, Beyonce and Jay Z's 5-year-old daughter -- who's dressed in a light pink leotard -- is seen handing her mom a flower in one of the images, while in another photo, she adorably kisses Bey's belly. "Girl turning into woman, woman turning into mother, mother turning into Venus," Beyonce shared.

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Photo: Beyonce

Proving that she's as fierce as her mom, Blue posed for another photo wearing a long dress while smelling a few roses.

Photo: Beyonce

In addition to the recent mother-daughter shoot, Beyonce posted pics from when Blue was a baby, as well as when she was pregnant with her. "Blue, my greatest creation was you," she wrote.

Photo: Beyonce

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The 35-year-old singer also shared several adorable pics of Jay Z and Blue, which show just how much the father-daughter duo look alike.

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Photo: Beyonce

Beyonce went on to pay tribute to her mother, Tina Knowles, and her grandmother, Agnéz Deréon. She shared a photo of Tina on the beach when she was pregnant with Beyonce in 1981, as well as a photo of Tina as baby with her mother. "I look at photographs of my mother when she was pregnant with me," Beyonce wrote. "Does she feel how I feel now?"

Photo: Beyonce

The release of such intimate images comes after Beyonce's pregnancy announcement on Instagram broke the record for most likes. In just 18 hours, the post had over 7.8 million likes, beating Selena Gomez's 2016 photo taken from a Coca-Cola ad that garnered 6.3 million likes.

Here's everything you need to know about her bombshell baby news: