Barack Obama Went Kitesurfing and No One Can Physically Handle It!

Barack Obama is currently living his best life after leaving the White House, as evidenced by his and Michelle's recent trip to the British Virgin Islands, where No. 44 hit the waves with media mogul Richard Branson for a fun day of kitesurfing.
Photo: Jack Brockway/
Photo: Jack Brockway/
"Barack started learning to kitesurf on the beach on Necker for two days solid, picking up the basics and flying a kite as if going back to being a child again," Branson wrote on Virgin's website. "Being the former president of America, there was lots of security around, but Barack was able to really relax and get into it."
Photo: Jack Brockway/
Watch some highlights from their feat below.
On social media, people couldn't get over how good the former commander in chief looked on the water.
While some likened the excursion to a breakup where he is TOTALLY winning.
But of course, most of us just had unending FOMO.
Hang 10, Obama!
Watch the video below for more of the former president's post-Oval Office living.