Bindi Irwin Gets Adorably Excited Over Snow on Vacation With Chandler Powell -- Watch the Cute Clip!

Bindi Irwin doesn't spend much time in the snow, so of course her recent experience with it was an absolute joy!
The animal conservationist shared a video to Instagram of her trip with boyfriend Chandler Powell, where she's literally jumping up and down over the cold white terrain all around her.
"Clearly I don't see snow very often, thank you @ChandlerPowell for capturing my happiness," the 18-year-old wrote. " So glad I got to share this moment with you. I love our winter wonderland adventures, especially after we built snowmen together!"

Bindi's boyfriend shared the same video, writing, "If you couldn't already tell... we don't see snow very often. I think it's impossible to watch @bindisueirwin in this video without smiling. Haha."
He's right about one thing -- you really can't watch that video without smiling!
Meanwhile, the couple recently showed their support for Bindi's brother Robert's Tonight Show appearance.
Watch the video below for more.