Matthew Rhys Says His Parenting Style Is Less Chill Than Partner Keri Russell, Calls Her a 'Reassuring Hand'

Keri Russell has been here before.
That's what The Americans star's partner Matthew Rhys has discovered, as the Welsh actor opened up on Live! With Kelly this week about having no chill when it comes to parenting the couple's 9-month old son Sam -- Rhys' first, Russel's third.
"She's been a reassuring hand," the 42-year-old actor shared. "I'm the one going, 'What about...' and she goes, 'Shut up it's fine.'"
"There was a moment recently when – I said, 'He has a very heavy cold and we’ve got to take him to the doctor,'" Rhys added. "She’s like, 'He has a cold, I’m gonna get my hair blown out.’ I go, 'I’m gonna take him to the doctor.' She went, 'You take him to the doctor and when the doctor tells you he has a light cold, text me.'"
Needless to say, Russell was right!
Watch Rhys talk about his sweet worry-wort dad moments below.
Meanwhile, Rhys is not only protective off-set, but sometimes on-set as well.
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