Amy Schumer Says She Feels 'Sexy' Despite Being Labeled 'Very Fat' by Hollywood's Beauty Standards

Photo: Instagram
Amy Schumer is speaking out on Hollywood's unrealistic beauty standards.
In her upcoming Netflix stand-up comedy special, Amy Schumer: The Leather Special, the 35-year-old comedian gets candid on how to be confident in an industry where you're constantly being told to lose weight.
"I'm what Hollywood calls, very fat," Schumer, who was told to drop the pounds before filming her 2015 flick, Trainwreck, explains.
"Before I did anything, somebody explained to me, 'Just so you know, Amy, no pressure, but if you weigh over 140 lbs, it will hurt people's eyes," she dishes. "And I was like, ['OK'], I just bought it. I was like, 'OK, I'm new to town. So I lost weight."
"I look very stupid skinny," she adds. "My dumb head stays the same size but then my body, like, shrivels and just looks like a, like a Thanksgiving Day parade [balloon] of Tonya Harding. Nobody likes it. It's not cute on me."
Schumer confesses that after filming wrapped on Trainwreck, in which she was a few sizes smaller, she gained all the weight back -- but doesn't regret it.
"I got worried because it gets in your head – just everything on television and movies and magazines and the Internet," she says. "All the women are just beautiful little skeletons with tits … I'm like, 'Oh, my God! Are men still going to be attracted to me?' And that's when I remembered, they don't care."
Flash forward to present day, and Schumer couldn't be happier with her build.
"I feel very good in my own skin," she reveals. "I feel strong, I feel healthy, I do. I feel sexy."
"My dad has [multiple sclerosis] and is in a wheelchair and it's, like, I'm just psyched I can f***ing move," she continues. "How are you going to complain? Shut the f*** up. You're alive. You can move. You feel good!"
Amy Schumer: The Leather Special premieres Tuesday, March 7 on Netflix. As we patiently wait to see what other stories Schumer will reveal, watch the video below to hear why she's "too blessed to be stressed."