Jessica Alba Dishes on Meeting a Cop Who Got Her Face Tattooed on His Arm: 'He Was a Little Bit Nervous'

Jessica Alba has some huge fans, even among the police department.
The Sin City star sat down with Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday, where she opened up about a surprising run-in she had with a particularly friendly member of law enforcement back in January.
"On the weekends my friends and I, we hang out and sometimes we day drink," Alba shared, explaining how her friends keep things "very sophisticated" by drinking white wine out of a regular cups "because we don’t want our kids to know we’re drinking."
So, as the actress and her pals were enjoying their classy libations one weekend, she invited them to come into the front yard and check out her new car, to get their opinion on it -- which is, of course, exactly when the cops showed up.
"I was like, 'Oh no!' Like, we [have] alcohol. Are we going to get in trouble?'" Alba remembered thinking.
"Yeah, cops don’t fall for that cup thing!" Kimmel quipped.
"I was like, 'This is not a good look -- a bunch of drunk moms in the middle of the day,'" she continued. However, the real reason the police officer came over was to show the actress a tattoo on his arm.
"He was like, 'Oh no, I backed up because I wanted to show you that I have you on my arm!’" said Alba, who recorded the amazing coincidental encounter in a video she shared to Instagram.

"I was like, 'Can I see it?' And then he said yeah, but then he had to stop and take all [his gear] off," she said.
"And you find this flattering?" Kimmel asked, implying that the run-in may have struck other people as a little weird.
"I mean, yeah!" Alba said excitedly, adding that being inked on someone's arm was "pretty cool."
According to Alba, the officer told her that he got the tattoo when he was in college and was absolutely starstruck at the chance to meet her.
"He was a little bit nervous," she said. "He wasn’t talking that much and he was sweating."
In her Instagram post, Alba said the run-in was "one of the more surreal moments" she's ever experienced. Check out the video below to hear more.