Criss Angel Successfully Completes Stunt That Sent Him to Hospital One Day Earlier

Photo: Getty Images
Criss Angel is back to his old tricks.
Just one day after being hospitalized for losing consciousness during a daredevil upside-down straitjacket escape, the 49-year-old magician successfully completed the stunt again in front of the audience at his MindFreak Live! show in Las Vegas.
Angel's return won rave reviews from the audience in attendance.
"In hospital from last night's show, @CrissAngel played sold out show tonight & 10 minutes in, proves he is a bad mofo. Awesome return Criss!" wrote one audience member. 
Another fan declared Angel to be "fully recovered and killing it!"
The stunt, which involves Angel having to escape from a straitjacket in less than 30 seconds while hoisted by his feet high above the ground, is typically a highlight of the show. However, on Friday night the magician lost consciousness before completing the Houdini-like trick.
Ryan Perez, a fan in the audience that night, told ET about the moment he realized something was wrong.
"So, he's wiggling. He's turning super-fast in midair trying to get out of it and about when there was five seconds left, suddenly he just stops wiggling. He's still going in a circle because he had been doing that before but he just kind of went limp," Perez explained.
"The timer then reached zero and there was a bunch of confusion as to what was happening and he was lowered down to the stage," Perez continued. "Then the crew and cast from the show got a stole and they untied him and brought him off stage. Then the house lights came up it was announced there was going to be an intermission. It was just dead silent."
Thankfully, Angel seems to have recovered from the scary incident.
Check out another scary moment with Angel -- this time in an encounter with Paris Jackson -- in the video below.