Dave Chappelle Returns to Form in NSFW Trailer for Two New Netflix Stand-Up Comedy Specials -- Watch!

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So good to have Dave Chappelle back!
The Chappelle's Show star, who famously took a long hiatus from comedy after three seasons with the Comedy Central series, has two new Netflix stand-up specials debuting the same night, on March 21.
In the NSFW trailer for the two sets, which were filmed in March 2016 in Los Angeles and April 2015 in Austin, Texas, respectively, the 43-year-old comedian addresses his long break, and does not shy away from controversy -- discussing police violence against black people, ISIS, and the O.J. Simpson murder case, in what appears to be a true return to form.
Watch the NSFW (language) trailer below.
Can't wait to see the whole thing!
For his new specials, Chappelle reunited with Stan Lathan, who also directed the comedian's previous 2004 special, Dave Chappelle: For What It's Worth.
Of course, Chappelle did technically grace us with his comedic presence a bit more recently.
Watch the video below to see the man himself hilariously and cathartically address the 2016 election, days after it happened while hosting Saturday Night Live.