Beyonce Makes Teenage Cancer Patient's Dream Come True With Sweet FaceTime Call

The "Lemonade" singer made a very special phone call on Wednesday in an effort to cheer up one of her fans, Ebony Banks, who is battling cancer.
Earlier this week, the Banks' family and friends started a campaign on her behalf, in an effort to reach out to Beyonce to speak with the young girl, who has spent the last year in the hospital after being diagnosed with stage four cancer.
After learning about Banks and her inspirational journey, Beyonce contacted her via Facetime. A Beyonce fan site posted a video of the emotional encounter, and Banks couldn't have been more excited to talk with her idol.
The campaign to reach out to Beyonce began shortly after the Alief Independent School District held an early graduation ceremony in Banks' honor, organized by her family, friends and classmates.
Soon after, Banks' close group of friends and the school itself started sharing the #EBOBMEETSBEYONCE campaign on social media. After tirelessly trying to get Banks' the one-on-one meeting she hoped for, their hard work paid off.