'Big Little Lies' Star Laura Dern's Los Angeles Home Contains Epic Hollywood Treasures -- See the Pics!

Photo: ArchDigest.com
Laura Dern's home is filled with Hollywood memorabilia.
The Big Little Lies star gave a tour of her Los Angeles home to ArchDigest.com and unveiled an array of treasured items, starting with a miniature Tyrannosaurus rex figurine, which guards her front door, given to her by Steven Spielberg after working on Jurassic Park.
When she first purchased her home a few years ago, Dern says she went to close pal and architect Michael Kovac, whom she met through Spielberg, and director David Lynch, who is a bona fide architecture buff, for advice.
After a major renovation, which cleverly brought to life her vision of a working "tree house," her three-bedroom, 2,464 square-foot home now features glass walls, a brightened interior palette and a lush pool/garden area.
Photo: ArchDigest.com
Photo: ArchDigest.com
As far as her extensive memorabilia goes, Dern found a special place for all her treasured items. In her family room, which she calls "one of her favorite spaces in the world," the 50-year-old houses the period shoes she wore while filming Rambling Rose, for which she earned her first Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.
In her daughter's room, 12-year-old Jaya, Dern placed the iconic hat her father, Bruce Dern, wore in the film Nebraska. And, in her closet, hangs the dress that Lucille Ball wore in I Love Lucy’s memorable "Vitameatavegamin" episode.
But wait, there's more! Her 15-year-old son Ellery's bedroom also houses an epic collector's item, the exact Ralph Lauren-designed suit worn by her dad in the 1974 film The Great Gatsby.
“I really like a joyful space,” Dern explains. “I loved dollhouses growing up, and it does feel like a dollhouse where you’re always looking into something magical, like a treasure box.”
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