Harry Styles Delivers Kiwi to Fans Waiting in Standby Line Ahead of 'Saturday Night Live' Performance

Getty Images
Harry Styles might have just dropped a serious hint ahead of his Saturday Night Live performance.
The 23-year-old singer had treats delivered to fans waiting in the standby line for the live sketch comedy show in New York City on Friday -- including plates of kiwi.
While the snack may seem odd, it might have just been a teaser of his performance, as Styles has a song called "Kiwi" on his upcoming self-titled album. The former One Direction singer is set to perform his new single, "Sign of the Times," as well as another yet-to-be-revealed track.
"Harry giving out Kiwi to fans to hint that KIWI's the song he's gonna sing tomorrow on SNL. You gotta love him," one fan wrote on Twitter, while another snapped a photo of the tasty fruit.
While we've yet to hear the reviews for "Kiwi," Styles' "Sign of the Times" is definitely a hit -- and his former bandmates couldn't agree more.
See more on Styles' solo debut in the video below.