Blake Lively Admits She's Googled Herself, and It 'Ended in Full Depression'

Getty Images
Looks like Blake Lively won't be searching her name on Google any time soon!
In a behind-the-scenes video from her cover shoot for Variety's Power of Women NY issue, the 29-year-old actress gets candid on the time she used the site to do a deep dive on herself.
"I have [Googled myself] before and it's just ended in full depression," she revealed. "So I think it's a good rule of thumb not to Google yourself because the internet is not nice."
The mother of two believes she can help put a stop to the dark side of the internet, however, specifically child pornography. She's currently working with the Child Rescue Coalition, which aims to shield, rescue and safeguard children from sexual exploitation.
"There are millions of files all over the world being traded every single day of child pornography," she explained. "It's so disturbing. A lot of these people are fathers."
According to Variety, The Shallows star is working with the organization to promote "a groundbreaking technology that flags the IP addresses of people who share and download sexually explicit images of minors."
"If you proactively find these predators, you can save so many children," she added.
Back in January, ET caught up with Lively's sister, Robyn, who couldn't stop praising the actress' parenting skills. Lively shares two daughters, James, 2, and Ines, 6 months, with husband Ryan Reynolds.
"This is where she belongs," the proud sister gushed. "She has my children and I have her children, [and] we're like, 'No, those are my children!' She's like, 'No, your children are my children.' We always argue about it. She's the best."
Hear more in the video below!