Kevin Hart Flaunts Washboard Abs In Sexy Underwear Pic: 'Hard Work Is Paying Off'

Kevin Hart is all about results!
The 37-year-old comedian took to Instagram on Saturday to share a sexy snap of his washboard abs, declaring that he's "still not done yet."
"Hard work is paying off.....Still not done yet tho. The grind is real," Hart wrote alongside the underwear snap. "Stay ready so you don't have to get ready."
"Please excuse the dumba** look on my face....I'm just excited about the results," he confessed. "I have to be honest, eating clean has helped me tremendously P.S my Tommy John underwear are the best underwear on the market damn it.....comfort at its best. Get yours at today!!!! #HustleHart #HealthIsWealth #TommyJohn."

As for how the father of two stays in shape -- well, that includes working out on a Saturday... with Usher.
"Soul Cycle on a Saturday!!!!! #livelovelaugh #GoodTimesWithGreatPeople #HealthIsWealth," he captioned a group shot of the pair's weekend workout.

The actor also isn't opposed to breaking a sweat with a little impromptu daddy-daughter dance-off. 
See more in the video below.