EXCLUSIVE: Chris Soules Still Well Liked by Locals Amid Fatal Car Crash: 'He's a Good Guy'

The aftermath of Chris Soules' car crash continues. 
The former Bachelor's rep released a new statement on Thursday, explaining that the 35-year-old hired three high-powered Des Moines, Iowa attorneys as police continue to investigate the reality star. 
In the statement, his lawyers asked that the public not "prejudge this case based on media coverage." Soules rear-ended a tractor Monday night and then allegedly left the scene of the accident, which left 66-year-old Kenneth Mosher dead. He was charged with Leaving the Scene of a Fatality Motor Vehicle Accident (Class D Felony). 
Despite the incident, local residents are keeping an open mind and still think Soules is a "good guy," explaining that car accidents like the one he was involved in are not uncommon in farm towns in and around Aurora, Iowa. "We all treat him the same, just like everyone else," one resident tells ET, adding that Soules has recently been remodeling his home, and spending time in haunts like Rod & Cal’s Pub & Grub.
Another resident, however, claims that "Chris knew what he was doing when he left the scene... It's clear from the 911 call he knew what happened," the source alleges.
Buchanan County Sherriff Bill Wolfgram tells ET that they are taking the investigation seriously and that media attention has prompted an unusually high number of tips and potential leads.
Sheriff Wolfgram confirms that alcohol was found at the scene, and that they're trying to determine who it belonged to. However, Soules has not been charged with any alcohol-related offense at this time.
An Iowa State Patrol official tells ET that Soules has yet to be interviewed regarding the incident.
A source tells ET that deputies are also looking into the identity of another driver who picked up Soules at the scene after the reality star called 911. It's possible whoever picked up Soules could be charged with helping him leave the site of the crash.
Soules' next court appearance is scheduled for May 2. Find out more on the fatal crash in the video below.
Reporting by Tracie de la Rosa and Steve Wilks.