Heineken Releases Thoughtful Ad Addressing Social Divides Following Kendall Jenner's Pepsi Ad Flop

Heineken may have gotten it right.
The beer distributor released a new politically-charged ad on Thursday, titled "Open Your World," which has been more well received than Pepsi's "Live For Now" commercial starring Kendall Jenner.
But the beer distributor went there, releasing "Open Your World," a thoughtful spot that has been more well received than Pepsi's attempt.
Rather than merely attaching their product to themes of "#Resistance," Heineken attempts to sit people down who are on the opposite end of the spectrum in regards to issues such as feminism, and transgender rights and simply asks them to do one thing -- talk.
Meanwhile, a source told ET that Jenner was "devastated" following the Pepsi ad flop.
Watch the video below for more.