Sofia Vergara Gets a Sweet Kiss From Hubby Joe Manganiello: 'Now My Weekend Is Perfect'

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello know how to make a weekend fun.
The Modern Family actress and her handsome husband got cute and cozy together at their Beverly Hills, California, home, as the Magic Mike star welcomed his lovely wife home after she'd been away shooting a project.
"Now my weekend is perfect!" the 44-year-old actress captioned a snapshot of her getting a kiss from her hubby, which she posted to Instagram on Saturday.

The couple spent their weekend lounging around in their palatial backyard and the pair enjoyed a "perfect Sunday" in the sun.

Manganiello even took their inflatable pool bull for a ride, just like Vergara did in an epic Instagram post last week.

Although, unlike Vergara, it only took Manganiello one try to master riding the difficult bull, although he did basically submerge it into submission.
"I asked him just to get on it, not to drown him!" Vergara captioned a shirtless pic of her husband straddling the inflatable bull, which was struggling to hold his weight.

The adorable pair celebrated their first wedding anniversary early last month, and the adoring husband got his wife one truly epic present. Check out the video below to see what the handsome star made for his lovely wife to commemorate the special occasion.