Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez Have Cringeworthy Start to Joint Interview -- Watch the Awkward Moment

Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter are all about the here and now.
The former New York Yankees teammates ran into a rocky interview start on Tuesday when a reporter brought up old reports that the professional baseball players had some dugout drama.
"This is a treat to see you two together! Now since you both hung up the jerseys, you guys are friends now?" the CNBC interviewer asked. "The press made a little thing about the back and forth between you two. Was that real?"
"You're bringing up stories from about 20 years ago," Jeter responded, with Rodriguez adding, "Yeah, History Channel."

The discomfort continued when talk turned to A-Rod and girlfriend Jennifer Lopez's recent Met Gala appearance.

"Wow," Rodriguez uttered, when asked about the subject, adding, "This interview is going all types of places. We had a great time ... And I was looking for my boy, Derek, but he wasn’t there this year.”"
The rumored spat dates back to a 2001 Esquire interview where Rodriguez was in fact critical of his former teammate.
Despite the hiccups, things got back on track, as the two discussed their appearance at BTIG's "Charity Day," which took place in NYC.
Watch the video below to see the awkward interview.
Sometimes, things don't go as smoothly as you hope.
Meanwhile, one thing that is going pretty well is A-Rod's relationship with Lopez, as a source tells ET the pair is now "madly in love!"
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