Jennifer Lopez Reveals What It's Like to Date Alex Rodriguez -- and If She Calls Him A-Rod

Photo: Getty Images
Jennifer Lopez got grilled by James Corden about her relationship with Alex Rodriguez when she showed up on the Late Late Show on Thursday.
"You have been spending time with someone in particular... who? I haven't got it down here. What's his name again?" Corden quipped. "A-Rod? That's his name, right? Alex Rodriguez?"
"YES!" Lopez, 47, exclaimed. "He's the best. You would love him. Honestly, he's a great guy. He's fun, he's awesome."
When asked if she calls him A-Rod, the triple-threat star said she simply refers to the 41-year-old former baseball player as Alex.
Corden was quite inquisitive as to how the pair ended up on their first date. "Is there a secret room for really famous, really hot and attractive, successful people where they just go on dates that I don't know about?" he jokingly asked.
"I actually just tapped him on the shoulder and said, 'Hi,'" Lopez recalled.
Not letting up, Corden inquired, "Should I go on a date with A-Rod, where would he take me?"
"It's just normal. We just went to dinner," Lopez said, laughing.
Justin Theroux was also on the Late Late Show, and after Corden continued to talk about Lopez's relationship, she turned to Jennifer Aniston's husband and exclaimed, "Help me!" He jokingly scooted over on the couch.
Lopez and Rodriguez made their first red carpet appearance as a couple at Monday's Met Gala, and a source close to the "Booty" singer told ET that the two "are madly in love."
"Everyone who saw them on Monday night could see how super into each other they are. They didn't leave each other's side for a minute," the source noted. "Wherever Jennifer went, Alex followed. They only had eyes for each other."
Check out their red carpet debut: