Katherine Heigl Snuggles With Her Adorable Kids in Early Mother's Day Family Pics

Photo: Getty Images
Katherine Heigl is celebrating Mother's Day a couple days early by sharing some adorable pictures of her little ones.
The 38-year-old actress is mother to three children -- daughters Naleigh, 8, and Adalaide, 5, and son Josh Jr., 4 months – with husband Josh Kelley.
"Pretty excited to be celebrating Mother's Day with this crew!" the actress wrote alongside an Instagram slideshow of cute pics. "I'm exploding with gratitude for these gorgeous kids and for all the joy, laughter, love and grace they have brought to my life...but more importantly...I wonder what they're getting me! 😏😉."
Heigl also shared some "last minute DIY gift inspiration" for all the "amazing mamas."
"Check out last year's post 'Pretty Useful Things' on my blog," she added. "I have some lovely crafty stuff planned for my mother this year as well but don't want to give it away until Sunday! So stay tuned for a post in the next couple of weeks that will detail this year's gift!"

Earlier this week, the former Grey's Anatomy actress also shared a morning-time cuddle sesh with her kids. "My morning snuggle buddies! My favorite time of day!" she captioned the pic.

For more on Heigl's adorable family, check out the video below.