Derek Jeter Honored at Yankee Stadium Alongside Pregnant Wife Hannah, Admits He's 'Nervous' About Fatherhood

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Turns out there's one thing Derek Jeter isn't supremely confident in!
The 42-year-old baseball legend was honored with a ceremony to retire his jersey number with the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York, on Sunday, where he was asked about becoming a new dad. Jeter was joined on Sunday by his pregnant wife, 27-year-old model Hannah Jeter.
When asked by a reporter if he was ready for "the challenges of being a dad," Jeter got refreshingly candid.
"You know, I prided myself in my career to be prepared at all games," he replied. "Any time I'm unprepared, it makes me uncomfortable. I'm unprepared."
"From everything people have told me, just do it and see what happens," he continued. "People can give you advice, but until you're in it, you never really know what to expect. So, I'm excited, but at the same time I'm nervous."
Jeter and Davis, who are expecting a baby girl, made a stunning pair at Yankee Stadium. The athlete looked sharp in a blue suit, while his wife showed off her baby bump in a stretchy, nude-colored dress.
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Photo: Getty Images
ET spoke with the Sports Illustrated model in February in New York City, where she revealed that she and Jeter want three kids down the line.
"I just want [our kids] to choose [what they want to be]," she said about her hopes for their future children. "I just want them to set their own goals, and have nothing to do with us, because I think it's not fair," she continued. "It's a tough thing, you know, when you have a mom that did this, or a dad that did this. I hope that they don't have, that people don't have those expectations for them, and they do what they love and what they're into."
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