Gal Gadot Breaks Down Her Intense Preparations For Her 'Wonder Woman' Role - Watch
Being Wonder Woman is no easy job!
Next month, the Gal Gadot-starring superhero film lassos its way into theaters. The 32-year-old actress was ready to take on this iconic role, but before she put on her Wonder Women boots, she first had to go through some serious training.
"I had five months of pre-production of doing horse riding and martial arts and a lot of body work," Gadot said about her intense workout regimen.
The actress also had to take weapons training, archery and sword fighting lessons, as well as get casts of her legs made to create her custom Wonder Woman boots.
Her hard work wasn't overlooked by co-star Chris Pine, who complimented Gadot on her dedication to the role.
"She is physically very imposing," he said. "She's stunning, she's like 6 feet tall, she's super strong, emotionally, and her presence is very captivating."
Last year, Gadot spoke to ET about becoming the Amazonian princess Diana​, who made her debut in the 2016 film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice​. "This is the role of my dreams," she gushed. "Ever since I became an actress, I always said that I wanted to show the stronger side of women. Little did I know that soon after, I would land this magnificent role."
Also showing the stronger side of women is Robin Wright, who plays Diana's aunt who teaches her the rules of combat. The House of Cards actress also had to stick to a strict diet to bulk up -- something she didn't mind.
"I get to teach Wonder Woman [how] to be a warrior? C'mon," Wright said. "It was a hoot!​"
Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 2.