Lionel Richie Is So Protective of Daughter Sofia, He Tracks Her Phone Once a Day!

Photo: Instagram
Lionel Richie is a protective papa -- but his daughter, Sofia, isn't complaining!
The 18-year-old model took to Twitter on Wednesday to reveal that her dad tracks her phone "once a day."
"My dad tracks my phone once a day. Awkwardly enough I get a notification every time," she wrote. "I think it's funny so I don't tell him I know."
Sofia was recently spotted living it up with Scott Disick in Cannes, France -- but just because the reality star's been seen kissing multiple women throughout his vacay, it doesn't mean she's one of them.
"Just so everyone can get their panties out of their a**es, Scott and I are just homies #relax," she tweeted on Sunday.
As for how she deals with her life in the spotlight at such a young age, she told ET last year that she owes it to her dad's watchful eye.
"I was determined that I was so ready, and I was in the perfect spot to do all these crazy things," she said. "But I just needed to grow up and learn about life and that wasn't going to be as easy I thought it was going to be."
"I'm glad he held me off, because I really found myself and found what I truly wanted to do," she added.
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