Goldie Hawn Celebrates Granddaughter Rio's Pre-School Graduation With Flower Crowns and Selfies

Getty Images
Goldie Hawn graduated pre-school -- or so she says.
On Thursday, the 71-year-old actress shared a photo of herself and 3-year-old granddaughter Rio sporting matching flower crowns in celebration of the little one's big day. "Me and my baby Rio," Hawn captioned the selfie with Oliver Hudson's daughter. "Pre-school graduation day. At last I graduated!!"

Hawn has five grandchildren, and admitted to ET last year that it's hard to get the entire family together in one place. In May 2016, however, the entire brood -- including the grandkids and Hawn's children, Oliver and Kate Hudson -- all showed up to the Annual Love In For Kids charity event in Beverly Hills, California, and the Snatched star couldn't have been more thrilled.
"Aren't they so cute!" Goldie gushed over her grandkids. "This is always a blessing when we're all together in one place. So, even though there are five planets in retrograde now, the stars are aligned somewhere!"