This Gorilla Dancing in a Pool to 'Maniac' Will Brighten Your Day -- Watch!

by Alex Ungerman 6:06 PM PDT, June 23, 2017
Photo: YouTube

This gorilla is going B-A-N-A-N-A-S right now!

The Dallas zoo shared an incredible video on Tuesday of Zola, a primate who is clearly ready to party.

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Obviously, the video has been blowing up as all of us go apes**t watching this adorable gorilla. The zookeepers write that what Zola is exhibiting are "play behaviors as he splashes and dances during a swimming pool enrichment session off habitat," but... we know a rug-cutter when we see one. Which is why Buzzer Blog's Bob Hagh decided to really set the party off right by setting the video to the Flashdance song, "Maniac."

Dancing With the Stars casting team, if you're out there... you're not even ready for Zola.

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